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iOS Island or Niós, as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, like a flower, as its name “Ion” denotes. According to the ancient tradition, Íos was the homeland of Homer’s mother and the final resting place of the great epic poet. Upon reaching the island, the view before you is enchanting: as pretty as a picture, Chora lies very close to the harbor in Ormos and greets the travelers, built in an amphitheater-like manner on the slope of a hill, on the top of which there are ruins of a medieval castle. This is a listed traditional village, one of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture.

Snow-white little houses, picturesque arcade-covered alleys (“stiyádia”), the twelve windmills, churches with arched belfries and light blue domes create a unique residential area. Chora’s sheltered alleys is the “stage” where Koúnia, an ancient local custom is performed every May, as follows: young men make swings for young ladies who rock themselves while listening to traditional love songs being sung to them in the form of dialogue.

Ios offers many activities, including hiking, watching the amazing sunsets, visiting historic sites, and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of Greece. For those who love hiking Ios is the ideal destination. Its hilly morphology and the innumerable paths opened by shepherds on its hills enable visitors to see amazing places of wild beauty and enjoy the view of the nearby islands. If you want to experience daily farming works performed in the old-fashioned way, local stock farmers will be willing to show you through the entire production process (grazing, milking, cheese-making).

Explore! Mylopótas, Magganári, Psáthi, Yialós, Kálamos iOS Island and Ayia Theodóti beaches are known worldwide –among others– to be top choices for dives in the island’s emerald waters. In order to explore the inland, follow the paths that shepherds prefer to take (Ayia Theodóti- Hóra, Ayia Eirini-Valmás Beach, Hóra-Pýrgos-Psáthi, Hóra -Ayios Spyridonas-Perivólia-Ayios Prókopas-Pelekaniá) and discover the pristine natural beauty of Íos through magic scents and colors.